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Meet our Team!

Bianca Tudor

Bianca Tudor is the Owner & Founder of ELITE Business Women and of the ELITE Business Women Investment Fund, an INACO volunteer – the Initiative for competition, a member of the Consultative Council of Women in Business in the Danube Region (Europe), and winner of the Global Exchange 2016 1,000 success stories, as well as a World Business Angels Investment Forum Senator.

With remarkable results internationally as well, Bianca Tudor managed to inspire business women and help them change their approach to business, by inculcating them with trust and the courage to join the field of entrepreneurship.

This is how ELITE Business Women was born – a business club for women entrepreneurs, gradually turning into an entrepreneurship education ecosystem, on both national and international levels.

Currently a network of 12,000 companies in 6 European countries, Elite Business Women becomes involved in new global collaboration initiatives connecting Europe to the Gulf countries.

During her 13 years of activity, Bianca managed to acquire vast know-how in communication, in branding, in business strategy and implementation, business development, networking, crowdfunding, international expansion of companies and organising business events.

Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau

Awarded entrepreneur and communicator
Andreea Groenendijk-Deveau is an awarded entrepreneur and communicator. Her recently launched company works to find innovative solutions to the crisis that the mental health field is undergoing across the world.

She is the editor-in-chief of Workplace Today, a new magazine supporting companies and individuals who want to place equality, diversity and inclusion, as well as flexibility and the welfare of their employees at the core of their strategies.

Andreea has been working in the philanthropic field for almost two decades and is now the head of the Astriid partnerships, a charity organisation in the UK aiming at finding significant jobs for people who have to deal with long-term health issues.

Cristina Nicoleta Burcă

Communication Specialist ,Copywriter, Trainer
Communication Specialist with over 14 years of international experience (6 countries, television channels, European institutions, PR agencies, NGOs, etc.).

Mission: I help entrepreneurs become a reference brand in their field by way of a vision-based impactful communication.

Means: online and offline strategies and tactics.

Multilingual: She speaks Romanian, English, French, and Spanish.

Tasențe Tănase

PhD Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administrative Sciences (Ovidius University in Constanța) and the General Manager of the Plus Communication company operating in public relations.
He is a Bachelor, Master as well as Doctor of Communication Sciences, as well as a Master of Administrative Sciences. As a Professor, he taught in the following subjects: Public Relations, Entrepreneurial culture and behaviour, Commercial correspondence, Institutional protocol, the Study of competition and of the business environment, Language and communication, Modern communication techniques, the Management of electronic documents, IT office infrastructures and Public strategies and policies.

He had over 50 articles published in international journals. He is the author of "Comunicarea politică prin Social Media și reacțiile publicului online" (Political communication by social media and the public’s reactions in the online) and "Social Media si comunicarea politica personalizata" (Social Media and personalised political communication), is the co-author of “Jurnalismul și comunicarea în epoca Noilor Media” (Journalism and communication in the New Media Era) and of “Convergence: Media in Future” (Poland). He is the editor-in-chief of the prestigious international Technium Social Sciences Journal

He is a nominee of the “Zece Oameni de Valoare pentru Constanța” /Ten valuable people for Constanta Gala – the Mass-Media and Societal development sections (2014, 2015 and 2016), and of the "Oameni pentru Oameni" /People for the People Gala (2015), as well as of the Gala Societății civile /Civil Society Gala (2016).

Rusanda Davideanu

Entrepreneur, PR, television
After 6 years of working in PR, 8 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years working in the television industry, Rusanda Davideanu (Cojocaru) provides a fresh perspective in communication, with a personal mission to innovate, at the same time inputting creativity, flavour and social-buzz to our clients’ stories.

Achievements - Bookletta, CooltBox, Booking Night, Beau-Tea-Ful, 3Bag

Mihaela Lemnaru

Social Media and Content Writing specialist
Mihaela Lemnaru is a Social Media and Content Writing specialist with over 6 years of experience in PR and online communication, based on her studies in PR and online communication.

Her vast experience includes B2C, B2B brand communication, and personal branding communication benefitting entrepreneurs and public figures.

Given that she combines creativity and strategy with the online, she understands the needs of a brand and provides solutions translated into original and engaging content.