Elite Communication

Who we are

Elite Communication is the first communication agency consisting in a team entirely made of entrepreneurs.

We have various skills and different backgrounds and even come from different regions, but we do have one thing in common: it is our passion for branding, for the online and entrepreneurship.


To us, the three go hand in hand, and our professional entrepreneurial and communication experience helps us build a complex understanding of our clients’ needs.

Our vision is to lend companies a strong voice in the business environment, by defining a representative long-term branding direction.


It is important for a successful BRAND to create an authentic image and build a community based on the values it promotes.  Thus, people will respond better to the sent messages, and they will trust what the brand sells.


Our purpose is to identify these particularities your brand has, to define them and made them known to the target audience in an accurate and transparent way.


Our mission is to become a valuable tool for the development of Romanian companies in terms of branding and communication, and to highlight the importance of being present online and offline, while relying on well-designed branding guidelines.

What makes us different?

The experience of each and every one of us is vast both in brand communication, and in terms of entrepreneurship. Being on both sides of the barricade ourselves, this helps us being empathic with our clients, better understanding their needs and providing the best ideas and solutions.

Our role is to anticipate trends, markets and opportunities, to be able to generate for you the necessary context and know-how, irrespective of your activity field.

What recommends us as trust-worthy specialists is working and interacting with over 12,000 women entrepreneurs in Romania, as part of the EBW Business Club, as well as the expertise of each individual member in branding, social media & content writing, media relations, crisis PR, personal branding, influencers marketing, etc.

Who is our target?

Our role is to create originality because each brand is unique by what it communicates.

Therefore, our target is represented by the following:

  • Companies that understand the importance of setting up a brand from scratch and want to start authentic communication and send clear messages by the most relevant channels;
  • Already existing brands that still do not have branding guidelines in place, or an online/media communication strategy;
  • Individuals who want to do a rebranding, a change of image, a fresh approach adapted to the current values in their activity field;
  • Companies undergoing a crisis/restructuring situation which need qualified PR specialists to help them surpass the crisis with minimal damages to their image.

The values on which our work is based are the following

Passion for communication